Truncated dipolar recoupling in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance


We describe a solid-state NMR concept for the estimation of individual spin-spin couplings in strongly-coupled homonuclear spin systems. A radiofrequency pulse sequence, synchronised with the magic-angle sample rotation recouples zero-quantum dipolar interactions as well as a frequency-dispersing interaction such as the chemical shift anisotropy. The combination of these two recoupled interactions causes the spin system to behave in an approximately weakly-coupled fashion. Individual spin-spin couplings may then be disentangled by using frequency-selective radiofrequency pulses. Theoretical results and numerical simulations are compared with experimental data for the 13C nuclei in [2H7,13C3,15N]-l- alanine.


I. Marin-Montesinos, G. Mollica, M. Carravetta, A. Gansmüller, G. Pileio, M. Bechmann, A. Sebald and M. H. Levitt

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