SrTiO3-Glimpses of an Inexhaustible Source of Novel Solid State Phenomena


The purpose of this selective review is primarily to demonstrate the large versatility of the insulating quantum paraelectric perovskite SrTiO3 explained in “Introduction” part, and “Routes of SrTiO3 toward ferroelectricity and other collective states” part. Apart from ferroelectricity under various boundary conditions, it exhibits regular electronic and superconductivity via doping or external fields and is capable of displaying diverse coupled states. “Magnetoelectric multiglass (Sr,Mn)TiO3” part, deals with mesoscopic physics of the solid solution SrTiO3:Mn2+. It is at the origin of both polar and spin cluster glass forming and is altogether a novel multiferroic system. Independent transitions at different glass temperatures, power law dynamic criticality, divergent third-order susceptibilities, and higher order magneto-electric interactions are convincing fingerprints.


Wolfgang Kleemann , Jan Dec, Alexander Tkach, Paula M. Vilarinho

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