Piezoresponse in Ferroelectric Materials under Uniform Electric Field of Electrodes
authors Udalov, A; Alikin, D; Kholkin, A
nationality International
journal SENSORS
author keywords piezoelectric response; capacitor geometry; piezoelectric materials; piezoresponse force microscopy; uniform electric field; interferometry; Doppler laser vibrometer; quantification
abstract The analytical solution for the displacements of an anisotropic piezoelectric material in the uniform electric field is presented for practical use in the global excitation mode of piezoresponse force microscopy. The solution is given in the Wolfram Mathematica interactive program code, allowing the derivation of the expression of the piezoresponse both in cases of the anisotropic and isotropic elastic properties. The piezoresponse's angular dependencies are analyzed using model lithium niobate and barium titanate single crystals as examples. The validity of the isotropic approximation is verified in comparison to the fully anisotropic solution. The approach developed in the paper is important for the quantitative measurements of the piezoelectric response in nanomaterials as well as for the development of novel piezoelectric materials for the sensors/actuators applications.
publisher MDPI
isbn 1424-8220
year published 2021
volume 21
issue 11
digital object identifier (doi) 10.3390/s21113707
web of science category 18
subject category Chemistry, Analytical; Engineering, Electrical & Electronic; Instruments & Instrumentation
unique article identifier WOS:000660678300001
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