Planning a trip online: The Portuguese tourist


This study focuses on the impact of technology and on the planning of a trip by a Portuguese tourist. From the literature review, studies done at the European level, the technology inherent to tourism is provided to the entire age range, and fundamentally to the planning of accommodation,transport and tourist packs. The absorption of information is always highlighted by the easy and fast access to the Internet increasingly accessible to anyone, promoting behavioral changes in tourism planning. Thus, an online survey (with 180 valid answers) was carried out, which focused mainly on university students, and was restricted to Portuguese citizens. The survey determined that online platforms are most used for accommodation (87.2%), transportation (87,2%) and the demand for information (68.8%) to the detriment of catering (7.3%), and these are mainly being used because of their speed (79.4%) and simplicity (80.7%). To conclude, our study confirms the bibliographic review, and it was determined that practically all respondents assume the influence of digital platforms in the planning of their trips (99.1%), with 89% going further and affirming that in the future all planning will be carried out in an exclusive way online.


Gonçalo Valente, Miguel Cardoso, Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira

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