Growth and properties of Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O-3 step graded-structures


Pb(Zr-x Ti1-x)O-3 (x = 55, 65, 92), PZT step graded-structure have been deposited by sol-gel technique on Pt-coated Si. Up-graded and down-graded structures has been obtained by changing the Zr/Ti ratio in steps a long to the film thickness. Up means that the ratio was increased from the bottom to the top while down means it was decreased. The properties of these films were investigated and compared with those of conventional films with homogeneous composition. It was found that the properties of up and down graded structures are completely different. Up-graded films have better ferroelectric properties than the downgraded ones. Pyroelectric signal could be detected also on as-grown up-graded films, in accordance with the structural results that show a strong (100) orientation in this case, The coercive field of the up-graded film is lower than the values obtained in case of homogeneous films with the same Zr/Ti ratios like those used in the graded structures.




Materials Science; Optics; Physics


Boerasu, I; Pintilie, L; Pereira, M; Gomes, MJM; Vilarinho, PM

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