Synthesis and characterization of synthetic F-mica containing glass-ceramics in the system SiO2 center dot Al2O3 center dot B2O3 center dot CaO center dot MgO center dot Li2O center dot(K,Na)(2)O center dot F


Ions of Li, Na, K, and B were incorporated in Ca-mica, CaMg3Al2Si2O10F2. The crystallization process and the properties of the resulting glass-ceramics were experimentally determined, and the role of the anions and cations is discussed. According to the results, Li, K, and Na ions strongly affected the formation of the crystalline phases. Until 900 degreesC, pargasite and F-cannilloite amphiboles and KLi-mica were predominately crystallized. The two amphiboles are dissociated, yielding stable forsterite at 900 degreesC and Ca-mica and spinel at 950 degreesC. KLi-mica showed remarkable stability and growth within the investigated temperature range, until 1000 degreesC. The optimum crystallization temperature for the investigated glass-ceramics is between 800 degreesC and 900 degreesC. The produced glass-ceramics exhibited capability for easy bulk crystallization, high whiteness, translucency, and mechanical and chemical properties suitable for several applications.




Materials Science


Tulyaganov, DU; Agathopoulos, S; Fernandes, HR; Ferreira, JMF

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