Nanostructure and luminescent properties of sol-gel derived europium-doped amine functionalised hybrids


The effect of doping by europium triflate on the nanoscopic structure of organic-inorganic hybrid formed by a siliceous network containing pendant amine-terminated propyl chains, called aminosils, was investigated by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). It appears that the composites exhibit a two-level structure. The first level consists of well-condensed cubic-like siloxane octamers, with a radius of gyration around 2 angstrom. The second level is formed by the aggregation of these siloxane nanodomains to form larger structures, in which the nanodomains are spatially correlated and separated by the organic pendant chains. Europium doping inhibits the aggregation between siloxane octamers, leading to a less compact second-level structure. This can be explained by the Eu3+ stop coordination close to the external surface of the siloxane nanodomains, as detected by luminescence spectroscopy.




Materials Science


Dahmouche, K; Santilli, CV; Pulcinelli, SH; Ferreira, RAS; Carlos, LD; Bermudez, VD; Craievich, AF

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