Photoluminescence of lanthanide NASICONs: Na(5)LnSi(4)O(12), Ln = Eu, Tb


Electrical materials incorporating lanthanide ions have great potential as electro-optical multifunctional systems. Polycrystalline NASICON ( sodium silicon conductor) fast-ion conductors (Na(5)LnSi(4)O(12), Ln = Eu, Tb) have been prepared via solid-state synthesis. These materials have been characterized by photoluminescence spectroscopy, including steady-state emission and excitation spectra, and measurement of the lifetimes of the excited states. Two Eu3+ sites have been detected: (i) in regular framework positions, and (ii) replacing Na+ ions in the tunnels. Samples containing only Eu3+ or Tb3+ emit mainly from one transition, respectively, D-5(0) --> F-7(2) ( 610 nm, red) and D-5(4) --> F-7(5) (550 nm, green). Mixed lanthanide samples, Na5Eu0.75Tb0.25Si4O12 and Na5Eu0.25Tb0.75Si4O12, have also been prepared and efficient Tb --> Eu energy transfer has been observed for the latter.




Chemistry; Materials Science


dos Santos, AM; Marques, FMB; Carlos, LD; Rocha, J

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