Entanglement temperature in molecular magnets composed of S-spin dimers


In the present work, we investigate the quantum thermal entanglement in molecular magnets composed of dimers of spin S, using an Entanglement Witness built from measurements of magnetic susceptibility. An entanglement temperature, T-e, is then obtained for some values of spin S. From this, it is shown that T-e is proportional to the intradimer exchange interaction J and that entanglement appears only for antiferromagnetic coupling. The results are compared to experiments carried on three isostructural materials: KNaMSi4O10 (M=Mn, Fe or Cu). Copyright (C) EPLA, 2009






Soares-Pinto, DO; Souza, AM; Sarthour, RS; Oliveira, IS; Reis, MS; Brandao, P; Rocha, J; dos Santos, AM

nossos autores


The authors thank T. G. RAPPOPORT and T.J. BONAGAMBA for their comments. We would like to thank the Brazilian funding agencies CNPq, CAPES and the Brazilian Millennium Institute for Quantum Information. DOSP acknowledges the financial support from FAPESP. AMS acknowledges the government of Ontario. MSR acknowledges the financial support from the PCI-CBPF program.

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