Refractory formulations made of different wastes and natural sub-products


This work describes studies on the preliminary processing of calcium aluminate mortars based on several industrial wastes and natural sub-products. The starting materials are sludges (generated in Al-anodising and surface coating industrial processes, potable water filtration/cleaning operations and cutting process of natural marble rocks), and foundry sands. These materials are all classified as non-hazardous but high daily-produced amounts involve high transportation costs for disposal. Reusing alternatives should be sought. The characterization of the waste materials is reported, including physical and chemical parameters and thermal behaviour. Several powder mixtures were prepared and fired at different temperatures. Compositional changes were assessed by XRD and powder density, average particle size, and specific surface area, were determined. The compression and flexural strengths of the corresponding pressed and sintered samples are also given.




Materials Science


Pereira, FR; Nunes, AF; Segadaes, AM; Labrincha, JA

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