Extrusion of recycled pastes based on Al-rich anodising sludge


M-rich anodising sludge has been tested as main component of alumina, mullite or cordierite based refractory materials and bodies have been processed by using different techniques, such as slip casting, dry pressing and extrusion. The success of the last technique is strongly dependent on the materials composition and proper additives, such as plasticizers and lubricants. Operation conditions might be also adjusted within certain limits and includes the design and size of the die, the flowing speed, and as consequence the applied pressure. In the current work, cordierite hole-tubes of different diameters had been processed by extrusion. The effect of mentioned parameters was evaluated based on the Benbow's equation and ultimate extrusion quality of samples was estimated.




Materials Science


Ribeiro, MJ; Ferreira, JM; Labrincha, JA

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