Porous Metal-Organic Framework Materials: Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Oxidative Catalytic Tests


Metal-Organic Framework Materials MIL-101(Cr) ([Cr3X(H2O)(2)O(bdc)(3)]center dot n(H2O), where X- = F- or OH-, n approximate to 25 and H(2)bdc stands for 1,4-benzene-dicarboxylic acid] and MOF-5(Zn) [Zn4O(bdc)(3)] were prepared by hydrothermal or solvothermal methods as well as Microwave-Assisted Synthesis (MWAS), for which the detailed synthetic parameters were optimized. The crystal structures were confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction and the materials were further characterized by FT-IR absorption spectroscopy. MIL-101(Cr) and MOF-5(Zn) showed weak catalytic activity in the oxidation of terpene, thiophene and cis-cyclooctene. Reasonable catalytic activity was observed for MOF-5(Zn) in the epoxidation of cis-cyclooctene and a 100 % of selectivity was observed for the epoxide. The structural stability of the materials was tested under the employed catalytic medium for oxidation reactions. MOF-5(Zn) revealed a remarkable structural stability at high temperature and also in the presence of high oxidant amounts.




Materials Science


Barbosa, ADS; Balula, SS; Paz, FAA; de Castro, B; Cunha-Silva, L

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