Natural Polymers in Wound Healing and Repair


Natural Polymers in Wound Healing and Repair: From Basic Concepts to Emerging Trends presents comprehensive coverage on the development and application of natural polymers in wound healing and repair, including fundamental concepts, traditional approaches, cutting-edge methods and emerging trends. The application of natural polymers has evolved from their use in the simplest wound management material, to drug eluting matrices, to cell-laden constructs, and to 3D bio-printed skin equivalents. This book reflects the remarkable progress that has been made in recent years in this innovative field. This is an essential resource for researchers, scientists, and advanced students across polymer science, biomaterials, bio-based and sustainable materials, biomedicine, biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and materials science and engineering. It will also be valuable to R&D professionals, scientists, technologists and all those working in a medical setting who are interested in the latest developments in advanced materials for wound management, healing and repair.


Mahesh K. Sah, Naresh Kasoju, João F. Mano

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