Piezoelectric Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
authors Bystrov, VS; Bdikin, IK; Heredia, A; Pullar, RC; Mishina, ED; Sigov, AS; Kholkin, AL
editors Ciofani, Gianni; Menciassi, Arianna
chapter title Piezoelectricity and Ferroelectricity in Biomaterials: From Proteins to Self-assembled Peptide Nanotubes
edition Chapter 7
nationality International
abstract Nanoscale structures and materials have been explored in many biological applications because of their novel and impressive physical and chemical properties. Such properties allow remarkable opportunities to study and interact with complex biological processes. This book analyses the state of the art of piezoelectric nanomaterials and introduces their applications in the biomedical field. Despite their impressive potentials, piezoelectric materials have not yet received significant attention for bio-applications. This book shows that the exploitation of piezoelectric nanoparticles in nanomedicine is possible and realistic, and their impressive physical properties can be useful for several applications, ranging from sensors and transducers for the detection of biomolecules to “sensible” substrates for tissue engineering or cell stimulation.
publisher Springer
isbn 978-3-642-28044-3
year published 2012
link http://www.springer.com/engineering/biomedical+engineering/book/978-3-642-28043-6

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