Nanocomposite Particles for Bio-Applications - Materials and Bio-Interfaces
authors AS Pereira, AL Daniel da Silva, T Trindade
editors T Trindade, AL Daniel da Silva
chapter title From Nanoparticles to Nanocomposites: An Overview
abstract This book provides a concise state of the art of the synthesis and properties of nanocomposite particles with interest for diverse bio-applications. Contributions are mainly related to the chemical design of nanocomposite particles, their properties as well as their constituent materials, and the tailoring of bio-interfaces that may be relevant to the fields of clinical diagnosis and drug delivery procedures, among other bio-applications. The topics described include particles composed of a polymer matrix containing dispersed inorganic nanophases and other bio-functionalized nanomaterials. The book also discusses the practical applications of these materials and the limitations associated with their use.
publisher Pan Stanford Publishing
isbn 9,78981E+12
year published 2011