Micro and Nano Calcium Carbonate Filled Natural Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites


Rubbers in general are seldom used in their pristine form. They are too weak to fulfill practical requirements because of lack of hardness, strength properties and wear resistance. So they are used with a number of other components called fillers which improve the processability, performance properties and life of the final product. Calcium carbonate has been mainly used as filler to reduce the cost of rubber products. With the development of technology in superfine filler production and especially in surface modification, calcium carbonate used as reinforcing filler has caught great attention. As inert inorganic filler, nano calcium carbonate has not exhibited the similar reinforcing effect as traditional reinforcing fillers such as carbon black till now. In this chapter, we will discuss the distribution of rubber around the globe, and the development of elastomeric composites with the incorporation of micro and nanocalcium carbonate as a filler material. Also, this chapter will cover the effect of various filler parameters on the material properties of composites with special focus on natural rubber, Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber and Styrene butadiene rubber based composites. These findings may be useful as a guideline for the development of rubber materials for various engineering purposes with required performance.


Imran Khan, A H Bhat

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