Oxygen ion-conducting materials.


Oxygen ionic and mixed ionic-electronic conductors find important applications in solid-state electrochemical devices, including sensors, solid oxide fuel cells, high temperature electrolyzers, and oxygen separation membranes. This chapter presents a brief overview of oxide phases with high diffusivity of O2_ anions, providing an introduction to this fascinating topic. Particular emphasis is centered on the comparative analysis of ionic and electronic conductivity variations in the major groups of solid oxide electrolytes and mixed conductors, such as perovskite- and fluorite-related compounds, apatite-type silicates, and derivatives of g-Bi4V2O11 and b-La2Mo2O9. The defect chemistry mechanisms relevant to the oxygen ion migration processes are briefly discussed.


Kharton VV, Marques FMB, Kilner JA, Atkinson A

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