Monomers, oligomers, polymers and composites from renewable resources
authors Silvestre AJD, Gandini A
editors Belgacem MN, Gandini A
chapter title Rosin: sources, properties and applications
nationality International
abstract Rosin exploitation, a part of the so-called Naval Stores Industry, is at least as old as the construction of wooden naval vessels. In recent years, rosin components have attracted a renewed attention, notably as sources of monomers for polymers synthesis. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a general overview of the major sources and composition of rosin. It deals therefore with essential features such as the structure and chemical reactivity of its most important components, viz. the resin acids, and the synthesis of a variety of their derivatives. This chemical approach is then followed by a detailed discussion of the relevant applications, the resin acids and their derivatives, namely in polymer synthesis and processing, paper sizing, emulsion polymerization, adhesive tack, and printing inks, among others.
publisher Elsevier, lda
isbn 978-0-08-045316-3
year published 2008
beginning page 67
ending page 88

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