Solid State Phenomenon – Ferrites and Ceramic Composites Vol II
authors Robert C. Pullar
editors R. B. Jotania and H. S. Virk
chapter title Hexagonal Ferrite Fibres and Nanofibres
edition 1st
nationality International
abstract This special volume on ‘Ferrites and Ceramic Composites II’ contains a wide range of issues pertaining to nanomaterials. The volume will be of special interest to scientists and researchers who deal with Nanoparticles. The book covers a wide range of topics: Nanoparticles Synthesis and Properties, Nanoferrites, Ferrite Fibres and Nanofibres, Biomedical Applications.
publisher Trans Tech
isbn 978-3-03835-618-9
year published 2016
beginning page 1
ending page 68
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.4028/

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