Applying Nanotechnology to the Desulfurization Process in Petroleum Engineering
authors D. Juli‹o, S. Ribeiro, B. Castro, L. Cunha-Silva, S. S. Balula
chapter title Heterogeneous Polyoxometalates Based Catalysts to Produce Sulfur-Free Diesel
abstract In the last decade, polyoxometalates have been demonstrated to be efficient catalysts for the activation of oxidants in desulfurization processes. Successful results on desulfurization using polyoxometalates and hydrogen peroxide to desulfurize model oils and liquid fuels were reported and can be found in the literature. The desulfurization is an actual subject with notable interest for refineries and fuel cost, and consequently it is important to focus the scientific community to work in desulfurization technology in order to develop catalytic systems based on polyoxometalates capable to be reused, stable, efficient and selective. Therefore, the main goal is the design of heterogeneous polyoxometalate based catalysts. This chapter pretends to inform the research society about the scientific directions that have been taken using heterogeneous polyoxometalate catalysts in oxidative desulfurization of simulated and real liquid fuels. In addition, future perspectives are proposed to cover the actual needs of this area.
publisher IGI Global
isbn 1466695455
year published 2016
beginning page 426
ending page 258
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.4018/978-1-4666-9545-0
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