Eco-friendly polymer nanocomposites: chemistry and applications
authors F. L. Sousa, A. L. Daniel-da-Silva, N. J. O. Silva, T. Trindade
editors Vijay Kumar Thakur; Manju Kumari Thakur
chapter title Bionanocomposites for Magnetic Removal of Water Pollutants
nationality International
abstract This book contains precisely referenced chapters, emphasizing environment-friendly polymer nanocomposites with basic fundamentals, practicality and alternatives to traditional nanocomposites through detailed reviews of different environmental friendly materials procured from different resources, their synthesis and applications using alternative green approaches. The book aims at explaining basics of eco-friendly polymer nanocomposites from different natural resources and their chemistry along with practical applications which present a future direction in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry. The book attempts to present emerging economic and environmentally friendly polymer nanocomposites that are free from side effects studied in the traditional nanocomposites. This book is the outcome of contributions by many experts in the field from different disciplines, with various backgrounds and expertises. This book will appeal to researchers as well as students from different disciplines. The content includes industrial applications and will fill the gap between the research works in laboratory to practical applications in related industries.
publisher Springer India
isbn 978-81-322-2472-3
year published 2015
beginning page 279
ending page 310
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1007/978-81-322-2473-0