Analytical Separation Science
authors José P.S. Aniceto, Carlos M. Silva
editors Jared Anderson, Alain Berthod, Veronica Pino, Apryll M. Stalcup
chapter title Preparative Chromatography: Batch and Continuous
abstract This comprehensive reference is the perfect guide for separation scientists working with or developing the latest methods and looking for a comprehensive overview of the subject area. Fundamentals, method development and high-end applications are discussed for all major analytical separation techniques, including chromatographic, electromigration and membrane techniques. The contents are organized into five parts. With its broad scope and emphasis on future developments, this reference highlights aspects that will drive research in this field in the years to come, making it a must-have for researchers in the field, as well as a valuable resource for graduate and post-graduate students.
publisher Wiley-VCH
isbn 978-3-527-33374-5
year published 2015
volume 4

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