Thermometry at the Nanoscale : Techniques and Selected Applications
authors Angel Millán, Luís D. Carlos, Carlos D. S. Brites, Nuno J. O. Silva, Rafael Piñol and Fernando Palacio
editors Luís Dias Carlos, Fernando Palacio
chapter title Chapter 8:Organic–Inorganic Hybrids Thermometry
nationality International
abstract Both organic and inorganic materials have the capacity to be used as nanothermometers, as is shown in other chapters of this book. Providing that the proper chemical route for combination of these antagonist worlds is developed, hybrid materials can multiply the possibilities for nanothermometers by joining the best features from each of them, and avoiding the inconveniences that these materials may present in their separate forms. Moreover, hybrids may also provide modulation, physical and chemical stability and new thermometric mechanisms arising from synergic effects between the components. In this chapter we present an overview of the examples and possibilities of organic–inorganic hybrid materials for the fabrication of nanothermometers.
publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
isbn 978-1-84973-904-7
year published 2016
beginning page 237
ending page 272
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1039/9781782622031-00237

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