Industrial Applications of Marine Biopolymers
authors Leonel Pereira, Fabiana Soares, Ana Cristina Freitas, Armando C. Duarte, Paulo Ribeiro-Claro
editors Parappurath Narayanan Sudha
chapter title Extraction, Characterization, and Use of Carrageenans
nationality International
abstract Seaweeds have been utilized by mankind for several hundreds of years, directly for food, medicinal purposes, and agriculture fertilizers. Today, seaweed is used in many countries for very different purposes: directly as food; as a source of phycocolloid extraction; for extraction of compounds with antiviral, antibacterial, or antitumor activity; and as biofertilizers (Rudolph 2000; Wang et al. 2008; Pereira 2010a,b).
publisher CRC Press
isbn 978-1-498-73148-5
year published 2017
beginning page 37
ending page 90

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