Role of intermetallics in corrosion of aluminum alloys. Smart corrosion protection


This chapter provides an outlook of the corrosion mechanisms of aluminum alloys emphasizing the role of the intermetallic inclusions in corrosion initiation, progress, and inhibition. Various types of aluminum alloys are briefly discussed in terms of their chemical composition, microstructure, and applications in industry. The chapter also presents current active and passive corrosion protection strategies for aluminum alloys. The principal role of inhibitors in active corrosion inhibition and corrosion self-healing of aluminum alloys is emphasized. In the end of the chapter, a critical review of different active self-healing coating systems containing corrosion inhibitors and nanocontainers with inhibitors applied on aluminum alloys has been presented. The limitations and perspectives of such approaches are also discussed.


K.A. Yasakau, M.L. Zheludkevich, M.G.S. Ferreira

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