Adverse effects of Metal-based Nanoparticles on Male Reproductive Cells


A growing body of literature evidences the benefits of a myriad of engineered metal-based nanoparticles in several fields, with emphasis to biomedical applications. Their unique special properties make these man–made materials a great promise for cosmetic application, contrast agents, therapy for current diseases and theranostics. However, the increasing use of these nanomaterials raises some concerns with respect to their toxicity. Elegant studies reported on adverse effects of both human and environmental health. The negative outcomes of metallic, and bimetallic nanoparticles on the male reproductive health is a topic attracting intense scientific interest. Then, this chapter addresses a brief synopsis of the most recent findings related the effects of these type of nanoparticles on male reproductive cells.


A. H. Yoshikawa, L. Possebon, S. S. Costa, H. R. Souza, A. P. Girol, M. L. Pereira

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