Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys


This article provides a short overview of corrosion origins of aluminum alloys and corrosion protection strategies. Although there are many types of aluminum alloys employed in industry, this work is mostly focused on the properties of the most known aluminum alloy employed in the aerospace industry, namely, AA2024. Corrosion issues faced by this alloy easily emphasize the need for extensive studies of corrosion mechanisms and development of active corrosion protective systems. In the first part of the work, the origins of corrosion were correlated with microstructural and electrochemical characteristics of various intermetallics existing in the matrix of AA2024. Then, different inorganic and organic compounds were selected as promising corrosion inhibitors for AA2024. The second part of this work was dedicated to presenting multilayer protective coatings including novel inhibitor delivery systems. Recent developments in inhibitor delivery systems based on various carriers were discussed with some examples. The article concludes with final remarks and perspectives.


K.A. Yasakau, M.L. Zheludkevich, M.G.S. Ferreira,

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