Smart Polymers and Their Applications
authors Catarina A.Custódio, Aránzazudel Campo, Rui L.Reis, João F.Mano
editors Maria Rosa Aguilar, Julio San Román
chapter title Smart Instructive Polymer Substrates for Tissue Engineering
nationality International
author keywords Tissue engineering Bioinstructive systems Engineered biomaterials Customized microenvironments
abstract The development of instructive substrates with application in tissue regeneration has become the focus of intense research in recent years. The term “instructive” is applied to responsive polymeric substrates that are able to regulate cell behavior in response to external factors. This chapter will describe reported strategies to combine material response to environmental changes with signaling molecules for generating well-controlled cellular microenvironments. Biomaterials with response to temperature, pH, light, electrical or magnetic fields, or to the presence of biochemical signals are highlighted, together with their application in tissue engineering strategies.
publisher Woodhead Publishing
isbn 978-0-08-102416-4
year published 2019
beginning page 411
ending page 438
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/B978-0-08-102416-4.00012-0

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