New Technologies and Perinatal Medicine: Prediction and Prevention of Pregnancy Complications
authors Duarte, D; Almeida, M.C.; Domingues, P.; Gil, A.M.
editors Moshe Hod, Vincenzo Berghella, Mary D'Alton, Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Eduard Gratacos, Vassilios Fanos
chapter title Urine metabolomics and proteomics in prenatal health
nationality International
abstract This chapter presents a summary of the advances in urine metabolomics and proteomics in prenatal health research. Metabolomics has been more extensively compared to proteomics, while maternal blood has generally been the chosen biological matrix. However, an increasing interest in urine is apparent in recent years, reflecting the need for noninvasive methods and tackling large cohorts. Urine metabolomics and proteomics applications to the main prenatal disorders are reviewed, distinguishing those searching for predictive biomarkers from those characterizing the deviant characteristics at or near disorder onset. The main challenges in urine metabolomics and proteomics, in the context of prenatal health, are identified and discussed.
publisher CRC Press
isbn 978-113-87-06149
year published 2019
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1201/9781315201955

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