Antiferrodistortive phase transition in doped strontium titanate ceramics: the role of the perovskite lattice vacancies


As a perovskite model for fundamental studies, strontium titanate (SrTiO3, ST) have been attracting an enhanced attention. This chapter reviews the importance of Sr and O vacancies in strontium titanate based materials. First, the perovskite crystal structure of SrTiO3 and its antiferrodistortive phase transition from cubic to centrosymmetric tetragonal phase due to oxygen octahedra tilting will be described. Thereafter, a relation between the transition temperature and doping by divalent, trivalent and multivalent ions will be present, highlighting a correlation with the perovskite tolerance factor. The chapter will end with a look over the effect of the vacancies formed as a charge compensation mechanism or as a result of heat treatment in reducing atmosphere on the phase transition in doped strontium titanate ceramics.


Alexander Tkach

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