Characterization of new WC-Stainless Steel composites


WC-AISI304 (SS) composites with the phase composition controlled by adequate carbon addition are being developed as potential alternatives to the established WC-Co composites, following the REACH regulation relatively to the elimination of toxic and critical elements and the actual market demands of lower cost production and enlarged range of properties for the hardmetal components. Prototypes of WC-SS-C (10 wt% SS) were produced by industrial powder metallurgy processing and a full characterization of its mechanical and thermal properties (Young modulus, HV30, fracture toughness, transverse rupture strength, thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity), together with the corrosion resistance using electrochemical techniques, were undertaken aiming at evaluating the potential applications of these new series cemented carbides.


C.M. Fernandes, A.M. Ferro Rocha, J.P. Cardoso, A.C. Bastos, E. Soares, J. Sacramento, M.G.S. Ferreira, A.M.R. Senos

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