Soil Remediation
authors Abreu MM, Magalhães MCF
editors L. Aachen, P. Eichmann
chapter title Phytostabilization of soils in mining areas. Case studies from Portugal
nationality International
abstract Soil remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil and groundwater. This book presents new research the contamination of building materials with chemicals, which occurs as a result of storage, spills, and also catastrophic floods and hurricanes. Included in this book is an analysis and comparison of three protocols for the removal of chemicals trapped within building materials. The substantial economic consequences of heavy metal contamination in ecosystems, which poses major environmental problems worldwide, are presented as well. This book discusses the use of plants to remove or immobilise contaminants as a potentially safe and low cost method for the remediation of metal contaminated soil. Membrane techniques applied in water treatment from soil remediation are also reviewed and discussed with the aim to remove and/or recover metals and recycle water.
publisher Nova Science Publishers
isbn 978-1-60741-074-4
year published 2009
beginning page 509
ending page 586

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