Célia Maria Dias Ferreira

Bolseiro de pós-Doutoramento

LIFE PAYT - Tool to reduce Waste in South Europe

Financiado pelo programa LIFE, da Comissão Europeia (LIFE15 ENV/PT/000609).

Investigator Principal: Celia Dias Ferreira

Inicio: 01-sep-2016; fim 31-dez-2019

Orçamento: 2,577,909 €

Entidades beneficiárias:

(i) Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra;

(ii) University of Aveiro;

(iii) National Technical University of Athens;

(iv) Câmara Municipal de Lisboa; 

(v) Câmara Municipal de Aveiro; 

(vi) Câmara Municipal de Condeixa a Nova

(vii) Municipality of Vrilissia, Greece

(viii) Municipality of Larnaka, Cyprus.

NanoDC Electrokinetic Remediation of soil contaminated with persistent organic pollutants using iron nanoparticles

Funded by FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e para a Tecnologia (PTDC/AGR-AAM/101643/2008)

Principal Investigator: Célia Dias Ferreira

Start: 15 March 2011; end: 31 December 2014.

Budget: 167000€.

Coordinated by IPC - Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra, Partners: University of Coimbra, Technical University of Denmark, University of Utrecht. Funding by FCT - Fundação Nacional par aa Ciência e para a Tecnologia.


Model for the separate collection of packaging waste in Portuguese low-performing recycling regions

Oliveira, V; Sousa, V; Vaz, JM; Dias-Ferreira, C

Life-cycle cost as basis to optimize waste collection in space and time: A methodology for obtaining a detailed cost breakdown structure

Sousa, V; Dias-Ferreira, C; Vaz, JM; Meireles, I
2018, WASTE MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH, 36, 9, 788-799.

Green zero-valent iron nanoparticles synthesised using herbal extracts for degradation of dyes from wastewater

Rosales, E; Sanroman, MA; Dias-Ferreira, C

Distribution and bioconcentration of heavy metals in a tropical aquatic food web: A case study of a tropical estuarine lagoon in SE Mexico

Mendoza-Carranza, M; Sepulveda-Lozada, A; Dias-Ferreira, C; Geissen, V
2016, ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 210, 155-165.

Phytophthora xalni and Phytophthora lacustris associated with common alder decline in Central Portugal

Kanoun-Boule, M; Vasconcelos, T; Gaspar, J; Vieira, S; Dias-Ferreira, C; Husson, C
2016, FOREST PATHOLOGY, 46, 2, 174-176.

Practices of pharmaceutical waste generation and discarding in households across Portugal

Dias-Ferreira, C; Valente, S; Vaz, J
2016, WASTE MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH, 34, 10, 1006-1013.

Roads as sources of heavy metals in urban areas. The Coves catchment experiment, Coimbra, Portugal

Ferreira, AJD; Soares, D; Serrano, LMV; Walsh, RPD; Dias-Ferreira, C; Ferreira, CSS
2016, JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS, 16, 11, 2622-2639.

The influence of electrodialytic remediation on dioxin (PCDD/PCDF) levels in fly ash and air pollution control residues

Dias-Ferreira, C; Kirkelund, GM; Jensen, PE
2016, CHEMOSPHERE, 148, 380-387.

Valorisation of Phosphorus Extracted from Dairy Cattle Slurry and Municipal Solid Wastes Digestates as a Fertilizer

Oliveira, V; Ottosen, LM; Labrincha, J; Dias-Ferreira, C

Mercury levels in fly ash and APC residue from municipal solid waste incineration before and after electrodialytic remediation

Dias-Ferreira C., Kirkelund G.M., Jensen P.E.
2016, International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, 11, 5, 672-682.

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