Cláudia Batista Lopes

Assistant Researcher

Short Bio

After got my PhD in Chemistry in 2009 at University of Aveiro (UA), I was a postdoctoral researcher at CESAM-UA (6 years), and then at CICECO-UA and CIIMAR-University of Porto (3 years). During my post-doctoral activities, I was also voluntary professor at UA, an invited assistant at College of Agriculture of Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra and I was abroad for 4 short stays at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN-ISOLDE), where I performed experimental work. Since December 2018, I am an initial level researcher at CICECO.

I am author of 83 publications: 2 theses, 1 book chapter, 48 peer-review papers, 15 proceeding papers , 16 scientific reports and 1 article in a daily newspaper. My peer-review papers were published mainly in highly ranked journals (81% of papers are in 1st citescore quartile and 55% in top 10 percent: source Scopus), reflecting the quality of the research produced and peer acknowledgement. I am author of 3 highly cited papers and my citation output in different platforms is:

• Scopus: >1300 citations; h-index 21; top 3 of most cited papers (229, 99 and 88 citations)

• Google scholar: >1500 citations; h-index 23; top 3 of most cited papers (289, 124 and 111 citations)

• Web of science: >1200 citations; h-index 20; top 3 of most cited papers (208, 93 and 71 citations)

I have been disclosing my research in conferences, mostly international, presenting 84 communications, 33 as oral (4 invited, 1 keynote). I supervise(ed) 1 PhD, 13 MSc (1 Erasmus), 7 undergraduate students and 3 research fellows.

In 2007, I was awarded with a monetary prize (US $3300) by the International Atomic Energy Agency. I have been participating in 18 research projects funded by public institutions (FCT), or by private corporations such as Acuinova or Administração do Porto de Aveiro (1 as principal investigator, 1 as UA coordinator and 1 international (ISOLDE program)), with a total funding superior to 2million euros. The wide project participation reflects my strong dynamism in integrating multi-disciplinary teams and pursuing financial support for research.

During the last 5 years my research interests included mainly the remediation of metal contaminated waters by sorption processes, either by reusing biowastes as sorbents either by developing highly selective and efficient magnetic nanomaterials for target elements. More recently, I have been exploring the synthesis/application of magnetic graphene-based composites for the removal of metal ions contaminants and recovery of technology critical elements, such as lanthanides or Platinum group elements, from water samples.

I have been a regular referee for SCI journals in the areas of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Materials and Environmental Sciences, member and examiner of juries and chairman of international conference.

During my career, I have established a vital cooperation network with researchers from national and international institutions (CESAM-UA; CICECO-UA; CIIMAR-UP; University of Leon; University of Utrech, CERN-ISOLDE) and industry (Corticeira Amorim, JA Borges Lda, ACUINOVA).


Last updade: 14.03.2019

Ongoing Supervisions



Colloidal nanomaterials for water quality improvement and monitoring

Estrada, AC; Daniel-da-Silva, AL; Leal, C; Monteiro, C; Lopes, CB; Nogueira, HIS; Lopes, I; Martins, MJ; Martins, NCT; Goncalves, NPF; Fateixa, S; Trindade, T

In Vitro Hepatotoxic and Neurotoxic Effects of Titanium and Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles, Arsenic and Mercury Co-Exposure

Rosario, F; Costa, C; Lopes, CB; Estrada, AC; Tavares, DS; Pereira, E; Teixeira, JP; Reis, AT

Mercury Removal from Aqueous Solution Using ETS-4 in the Presence of Cations of Distinct Sizes

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ISBN: 1996-1944

Platinum-group elements sorption by living macroalgae under different contamination scenarios

Pinto, J; Lopes, CB; Henriques, B; Couto, AF; Ferreira, N; Carvalho, L; Costa, M; Torres, JMP; Vale, C; Pereira, E
ISBN: 2213-3437

Purification of mercury-contaminated water using new AM-11 and AM-14 microporous silicates

Fabre, E; Rocha, A; Cardoso, SP; Brandao, P; Vale, C; Lopes, CB; Pereira, E; Silva, CM
ISBN: 1873-3794

Unravelling the Potential Cytotoxic Effects of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Metal(Loid) Mixtures on A549 Human Cell Line

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ISBN: 2079-4991

Valuation of banana peels as an effective biosorbent for mercury removal under low environmental concentrations

Fabre, E; Lopes, CB; Vale, C; Pereira, E; Silva, CM
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Can contaminated waters or wastewater be alternative sources for technology-critical elements? The case of removal and recovery of lanthanides

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Reliable quantification of mercury in natural waters using surface modified magnetite nanoparticles

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Recovery of Rare Earth Elements by Carbon-Based Nanomaterials-A Review

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2019, NANOMATERIALS, 9, 6.

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