Wei-Jian Xu

Junior Researcher

Ongoing Supervisions


An Exceptional Thermally Induced Four-State Nonlinear Optical Switch Arising from Stepwise Molecular Dynamic Changes in a New Hybrid Salt

Zeng, Y; Hu, CL; Xu, WJ; Zeng, TW; Zhu, ZX; Chen, XX; Liu, DX; Chen, YJ; Zhang, YB; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM

Near-room-temperature dielectric switch and thermal expansion anomaly in a new hybrid crystal: (Me2NH2)[CsFe(CN)(5)(NO)]

Li, QY; Li, MF; Chen, XX; Gong, YP; Liu, DX; Xu, WJ; Zhang, WX
2022, CRYSTENGCOMM, 24, 27, 4864-4868.

Statics and dynamics of ferroelectric domains in molecular multiaxial ferroelectric (Me3NOH)(2)[KCo(CN)(6)]

Xu, WJ; Romanyuk, K; Zeng, Y; Ushakov, A; Shur, V; Tselev, A; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM; Kholkin, A; Rocha, J
2021, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 9, 33, 10741-10748.
ISBN: 2050-7534

Two enantiomeric perovskite ferroelectrics with a high T-c raised by inserting intermolecular hydrogen bonds

Ye, H; Hu, WH; Xu, WJ; Zeng, Y; Chen, XX; Huang, RK; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM
2021, APL MATERIALS, 9, 3.

An unprecedented hexagonal double perovskite organic-inorganic hybrid ferroelastic material: (piperidinium)(2)[KBiCl6]

Meng, QR; Xu, WJ; Hu, WH; Ye, H; Chen, XX; Yuan, W; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM
2021, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 57, 51, 6292-6295.
ISBN: 1364-548X

Nitroprusside as a promising building block to assemble an organic-inorganic hybrid for thermo-responsive switching materials

Qiu, RG; Chen, XX; Huang, RK; Zhou, DD; Xu, WJ; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM
2020, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 56, 41, 5488-5491.
ISBN: 1364-548X

Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites: Polar properties and applications

Xu, WJ; Kopyl, S; Kholkin, A; Rocha, J
ISBN: 1873-3840

A new ferroelastic hybrid material with a large spontaneous strain: (Me3NOH)(2)[ZnCl4]

Yuan, W; Zeng, Y; Tan, YY; Zhou, JH; Xu, WJ; Zhang, WX; Chen, XM
2019, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 55, 61, 8983-8986.
ISBN: 1364-548X

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