Nuno Gonçalves

Investigador Júnior

Short bio

Nuno Gonçalves is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow (MSCA PF) at DQ/CICECO at University of Aveiro (UA) focusing his activities on the development of photoactivate materials for water treatment.

Before, as Junior Researcher, he developed activities on the development of 3D printed waste based geopolymers for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater at the Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering and CICECO (UA).

He obtained his PhD in Chemical in Materials Sciences from the University of Turin, Italy (July 2021) in the frame of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (ITN) focused on a multidisciplinary approach to develop new technologies for the oxidation/reduction of contaminants of emerging concern from water. During this project, he had the opportunity to work in other 4 different academic/non-academic institutions: Aalborg University (Denmark), LiqTech Inc. (Copenhagen, Denmark), École Polytechnique (Paris, France) and CNRS/Université Clermont Auvergne (France). Here gained experience in different fields from materials synthesis, characterization, semiconductor photocatalysis, UV-based processes, mechanistic studies, structural elucidation, QSAR simulations and ecotoxicity assays. 

Before, he worked as a researcher and development chemist in a spin-off (Luzitin, SA) from the University of Coimbra focused on the development of new biologically active substances and participated in the development of the first Portuguese oncological drug candidate, Redaporfin in clinical trials. Nuno obtained the BSc in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Coimbra, with the final project in photochemistry studies and the MSc in Chemistry, at the same university, with the project focused on the carbon-11 radiolabeling of compounds for cancer diagnosis by PET imaging.


Supervisões em Curso


3D-printed red mud/metakaolin-based geopolymers as water pollutant sorbents of methylene blue

Nuno P.F. Gonçalves, Susana M. Olhero, João A. Labrincha, Rui M. Novais
2023, Journal of Cleaner Production, 383.

Natural solar activation of modified zinc oxides with rare earth elements (Ce, Yb) and Fe for the simultaneous disinfection and decontamination of urban wastewater

Ilaria Berruti, Nuno P.F. Gonçalves, Paola Calza, Maria Cristina Paganini, Isabel Oller, Maria Inmaculada Polo-López
2022, Chemosphere.

Unraveling the Pivotal Role of Atropisomerism for Cellular Internalization

Claire Donohoe, Fábio A. Schaberle, Fábio M. S. Rodrigues, Nuno P. F. Gonçalves, Christopher J. Kingsbury, Mariette M. Pereira, Mathias O. Senge, Lígia C. Gomes-da-Silva, and Luis G. Arnaut
2022, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 33.

From monitoring to treatment, how to improve water quality: The pharmaceuticals case

Dimitra Papagiannaki, Masho H. Belay, Nuno P.F. Gonçalves, Elisa Robotti, Alessandra Bianco-Prevot, Rita Binetti, Paola Calza
2022, Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, 10.

Attenuation of toxicity and occurrence of degradation products of the fungicide tebuconazole after combined vacuum UV and UVC treatment of drinking water

Oihane Del Puerto, Nuno P. F. Gonçalves, Claudio Medana, Alessandra Bianco Prevot, Peter Roslev
2022, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29.

Biochar waste-based ZnO materials as highly efficient photocatalysts for water treatment

Goncalves, NPF; Lourenco, MAO; Baleuri, SR; Bianco, S; Jagdale, P; Calza, P

Colloidal nanomaterials for water quality improvement and monitoring

Estrada, AC; Daniel-da-Silva, AL; Leal, C; Monteiro, C; Lopes, CB; Nogueira, HIS; Lopes, I; Martins, MJ; Martins, NCT; Goncalves, NPF; Fateixa, S; Trindade, T

Elucidation of the photoinduced transformations of Aliskiren in river water using liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry

Nuno P.F. Gonçalves, Lucia Iezzia, Masho H. Belay, Valeria Dulio, Nikiforos Alygizakise, Federica Dal Bello, Claudio Medana, Paola Calza
2021, Science of The Total Environment, 800, 15.

Degradation of the antifungal pharmaceutical clotrimazole by UVC and vacuum-UV irradiation: Kinetics, transformation products and attenuation of toxicity

Nuno P.F. Gonçalves, Oihane del Puerto, Claudio Medana, Paola Calza, Peter Roslev
2021, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9, 5.

Comparison of Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Degradation of Maprotiline in Water—Kinetics, Degradation Products and Potential Ecotoxicity

Nuno P. F Gonçalves, Zsuzsanna Varga, Edith Nicol, Paola Calza, Stéphane Bouchonnet
2021, Catalysts, 11, 240.

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