Paula Sofia Sarrico Lacerda

Post-doc Fellowship

Short CV

Paula S. S. Lacerda. Born in Aveiro, Portugal in 1972, she graduated in Chemistry from the University of Aveiro (UA) in 1995. In 1998 she got a MSc degree in Chemistry of Natural Products. After a three year period teaching Physics and Chemistry at different Portuguese high-schools, she returned to the UA where she obtained a PhD in Chemistry (2007). The thesis was entitled “Synthesis of new tetrapyrrolic macrocycles”.

In 2009 she started working as a researcher at Matera, Lda in Cantanhede on the project “Development of antimicrobial coatings for biomedical applications”. In 2011 she returned to the UA now in the Macromolecular and Lignocellulosic Materials Group to work on the “Novel nanostructured materials obtained from hybrid copolymers of pullulan and synthetic polymers with tuneable properties” project. Currently she is doing research in the “ENCIRCLE- Polymer - encapsulation of anisotropic inorganic particles by RAFT-mediated emulsion polymerization” project as a post-doc.


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