Gabriel Cardoso Pinto

Post-Doc Fellowship


Multifunctional Redox and Temperature-Sensitive Drug Delivery Devices

Rodolfo Debone Piazza , Caio Carvalho dos Santos, Gabriel Cardoso Pinto, Guilherme Nunes Lucena, Miguel Jafelicci Junior , Rodrigo Fernando Costa Marques
2023, Biomedical Materials & Devices.

Evaluation of the alternating magnetic field (AMF) influence in catalytic activities of enzymes immobilized into magnetic graphene oxide: A new approach

Gabriel Cardoso Pinto , Guilherme Nunes Lucena, Rodolfo Debone Piazza, João Miguel Lopes Costa, Eduardo Torres Couto Coimbra e Silva, Yuanyu Gu, Ariela Veloso de Paula, Nuno Jo˜ao Oliveira Silva, Rodrigo Fernando Costa Marques
2023, Materials Today Communications .

PINTO, G. C; Gustavo Mariano Trindade; Milton LimaNovaes; Diego Augusto Bitencourt
2023, Editora Científi ca Digital.

Synthesis and characterization of functionalized nanoparticles for lactase immobilization

PINTO, G. C; Victor Hugo Pitoni de Queiroz; GuilhermeNunes Lucena; Caio Carvalho dos Santos; RodolfoDebone Piazza; Andréa Maru de Castro Oliveira; RodrigoFernando Costa Marques

The Effect of Freeze-Drying Method for ß-TCP Nanocrystals Obtention

PINTO, G. C; Caio Carvalho dos Santos; Rodolfo DebonePiazza; Guilherme Nunes Lucena; Jorge EnriqueRodriguez Chanfrau; Antônio Carlos Guastaldi; MiguelJafelicci Junior; Rodrigo Fernando Costa Marques
2022, Journal of Engineering Research.

Magnetic Graphene Oxide as a Carrier for Lipases Immobilization: An Approach for Hydrolysis of Olive Oil Emulsion

PINTO, G. C; Brandt, Joao Victor; Piazza, RodolfoDebone [UNESP]; Dos Santos, Caio Carvalho; Nunes Lucena, Guilherme ; De Paula, Ariela V.; Jafelicci Junior, Miguel; RodrigoFernando Costa Marques
2021, ECS Journal of Solid State Science andTechnology.

Drug Delivery and Magnetic Hyperthermia Based onSurface Engineering of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Guilherme Nunes Lucena; Caio Carvalho dos Santos;PINTO, G. C; Bruno E. Amantéa; Rodolfo Debone Piazza;Miguel Jafelicci; Rodrigo Fernando Costa Marques.
2021, Magnetic Nanoparticles in Human Health andMedicine.

Synthesis of core@shell nanoparticles copolymer for methotrexate delivery

João Victor Brandt; Rodolfo Debone Piazza; CaioCarvalho dos Santos; Jaime Vega-Chacón; BrunoEstevam Amantéa; PINTO, G. C; Miguel Jafelicci Junior
2021, Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects.

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic cross-linked enzyme aggregate and its evaluation of the alternating magnetic field (AMF) effects in the catalytic activity

Guilherme Nunes Lucena; Caio Carvalho dos Santos; PINTO, G. C; Rodolfo Debone Piazza; Wesley Nascimento Guedes; Miguel Jafelicci Junior; Ariela Veloso de Paula; Rodrigo Fernando Costa Marques
2020, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

Advances and current challenges in non-invasive wearable sensors and wearable biosensors: A mini-review

dos Santos, Caio Carvalho; Lucena, Guilherme N.; PINTO,G. C; Júnior, Miguel J.; Marques, Rodigo F.C..
2020, Medical Devices & Sensor.

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