Patrícia Vaz

PhD Student


Benzimidazole-Based N,O Boron Complexes as Deep Blue Solid-State Fluorophores

Vaz, PAAM; Rocha, J; Silva, AMS; Guieu, S
2021, MATERIALS, 14, 15.
ISBN: 1996-1944

Difluoroborate complexes based on 2 '-hydroxyphenones as solid-state fluorophores

Vaz, PAAM; Rocha, J; Silva, AMS; Guieu, S
ISBN: 1873-3743

Aggregation-induced emission enhancement of chiral boranils

Vaz, PAAM; Rocha, J; Silva, AMS; Guieu, S
2018, NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 42, 22, 18166-18171.

Halogen-bonded dimers and ribbons from the self-assembly of 3-halobenzophenones

Vaz, PAAM; Rocha, J; Silva, AMS; Guieu, S
2017, CRYSTENGCOMM, 19, 16, 2202-2206.

Aggregation-induced emission enhancement in halochalcones

Vaz, PAAM; Rocha, J; Silva, AMS; Guieu, S
2016, NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 40, 10, 8198-8201.

Modelling the luminescence of extended solids: an example of a highly luminescent MCM-41 impregnated with a Eu3+ beta-diketonate complex

Felicio, MR; Nunes, TG; Vaz, PM; Botas, AMP; Ribeiro-Claro, P; Ferreira, RAS; Freire, RO; Vaz, PD; Carlos, LD; Nunes, CD; Nolasco, MM
2014, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 2, 45, 9701-9711.

A green- emitting a- substituted a- diketonate Tb3+phosphor for ultraviolet LED- based solid- state

Nolasco, MM; Vaz, PM; Vaz, PD; Ferreira, RAS; Lima, PP; Carlos, LD
2014, JOURNAL OF COORDINATION CHEMISTRY, 67, 23-24, 4076-4089.

Engineering highly efficient Eu(III)-based tri-ureasil hybrids toward luminescent solar concentrators

Nolasco, MM; Vaz, PM; Freitas, VT; Lima, PP; Andre, PS; Ferreira, RAS; Vaz, PD; Ribeiro-Claro, P; Carlos, LD
2013, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 1, 25, 7339-7350.

Exploring C-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bonds in dihydrocoumarin from combined vibrational spectroscopy and DFT calculations

Nolasco, MM; Vaz, PM; Vaz, PD; Ribeiro-Claro, PJA

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