Sónia M. R. Oliveira

Junior Researcher


Targeting Acanthamoeba proteins interaction with flavonoids of Propolis extract by in vitro and in silico studies for promising therapeutic effects

Imran Sama-ae, Suthinee Sangkanu, Abolghasem Siyadatpanah, Roghayeh Norouzi, Julalak Chuprom, Watcharapong Mitsuwan, Sirirat Surinkaew, Rachasak Boonhok, Alok K. Paul, Tooba Mahboob, Najme Sadat Abtahi, Tajudeen O. Jimoh, Sónia M.R. Oliveira, Madhu Gupta, Chea Sin, Maria de Lourdes Pereira, Polrat Wilairatana, Christophe Wiart, Mohammed Rahmatullah, Karma G. Dolma
2023, F1000.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Review on Advances and Challenges in Creating Insulin Producing Devices

Sonia Marlene Rodrigues Oliveira; António Rebocho; Ehsan Ahmadpour; Veeranoot Nissapatorn; Maria de Lourdes Pereira
2023, Micromachines.

Drug Delivery Strategies and Biomedical Significance of Hydrogels: Translational Considerations

Raina, N; Pahwa, R; Bhattacharya, J; Paul, AK; Nissapatorn, V; Pereira, MD; Oliveira, SMR; Dolma, KG; Rahmatullah, M; Wilairatana, P; Gupta, M
2022, PHARMACEUTICS, 14, 3.

Exercise Training and Verbena officinalis L. Affect Pre-Clinical and Histological Parameters

Oliveira, SMR; Dias, E; Girol, AP; Silva, H; Pereira, MD
2022, PLANTS-BASEL, 11, 22.

Global Burden of Cyclospora cayetanensis Infection and Associated Risk Factors in People Living with HIV and/or AIDS

Ramezanzadeh, S; Beloukas, A; Pagheh, AS; Rahimi, MT; Hosseini, SA; Oliveira, SMR; Pereira, MD; Ahmadpour, E
2022, VIRUSES-BASEL, 14, 6.

Isolation and Characterization of Werneria Chromene and Dihydroxyacidissimol from Burkillanthus malaccensis (Ridl.) Swingle

Zulkipli, M; Mahbub, N; Fatima, A; Wan-Lin, SL; Khoo, TJ; Mahboob, T; Rajagopal, M; Samudi, C; Kathirvalu, G; Abdullah, NH; Pinho, AR; Oliveira, SMR; Pereira, MD; Rahmatullah, M; Hasan, A; Paul, AK; Butler, MS; Nawaz, M; Wilairatana, P; Nissapatorn, V; Wiart, C
2022, PLANTS-BASEL, 11, 11.

Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Marine Animal Species, as a Potential Source of Food Contamination: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ahmadpour, E; Rahimi, MT; Ghojoghi, A; Rezaei, F; Hatam-Nahavandi, K; Oliveira, SMR; Pereira, MD; Majidiani, H; Siyadatpanah, A; Elhamirad, S; Cong, W; Pagheh, AS
2022, ACTA PARASITOLOGICA, 67, 2, 592-605.

Conserved Candidate Antigens and Nanoparticles to Develop Vaccine against Giardia intestinalis

Suthinee Sangkanu; Paul, A.K.; Julalak Chuprom; Watcharapong Mitsuwan; Rachasak Boonhok; Maria de Lourdes Pereira; Sonia Marlene Rodrigues Oliveira; Polrat Wilairatana; Mohammed Rahmatullah; Christophe Wiart; et al.
2022, Vaccines.

Recent Advances in Cancer Vaccines: Challenges, Achievements, and Futuristic Prospects

madhu; ABHISHEK WAHI; Priyanka Sharma; Riya Nagpal ; Neha Raina; monika kaurav; Jaydeep Bhattacharya; Sonia Marlene Rodrigues Oliveira; Karma G. Dolma; Paul, A.K.
2022, Vaccines.

Environmental and Health Hazards of Chromated Copper Arsenate-Treated Wood: A Review

Morais, S; Fonseca, HMAC; Oliveira, SMR; Oliveira, H; Gupta, VK; Sharma, B; Pereira, MD
ISBN: 1660-4601

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