CIBIMAR - CAD/CAM Development of Individualized Bioactive Prosthesis for Mandibulectomy Rehabilitation


The main objective of the present project is to develop an individualised breakthrough approach for flexible, rapid and accurate manufacturing of tailored-made bioactive prostheses for left bone rehabilitation after surgery fitted to the needs of each patient suffering from severe bone loss or fracture. For this purpose, advanced imaging techniques (such as CT scans and high resolution MRI) will be combined with the capacity of CAD/CAM systems for the production of dedicated 3D titanium frames of the bone loss region which will be coated with a proper bioactive nanostructured ceramic coating of enhanced integrity and long-term stability. Moreover, a scaffold mediating controlled release of bone growth factors will be developed in order to stimulate bone growth and remodelling providing fast and reliable osseointegration of the prosthesis


BPM - Business Consulting & Project Management S.A


Universidade de Aveiro (UA)


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