Urethanes and polyurethanes based on oxypropylated cork: 1. Appraisal and reactivity of products


The reaction of various polyols derived from the oxypropylation of cork with aliphatic and aromatic mono- and diisocyanates was studied in solution at room temperature. In all instances, good second-order kinetics were observed and the corresponding rate constant determined. The reactivity of the aromatic isocyanate was found to be much higher than that of aliphatic counterparts. The ensuing urethanes and polyurethanes were characterised by FTIR and H-1 NMR spectroscopy, DSC and sol/gel distribution. (C) 2001 Society of Chemical Industry.



subject category

Polymer Science


Evtiouguina, M; Gandini, A; Neto, CP; Belgacem, NM

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