Charge transfer salts based on M(dcbdt)(2) complexes (M=Au and Ni)


BEDT-TTF [Au(dcbdt)(2)] and TMTSF [Co(dcbdt)(2)] (dcbdt = 4,5-dicyanobenzene-1,2-dithiolate) were obtained as small single crystals by electrocrystallisation. BEDT-TTF [Au(dcbdt)(2)] is triclinic, space group P (I) over bar, and its structure consists in alternated donor acceptor stacks, responsible for electrical insulating properties. TMTSF [Co(dcbdt)(2)] presents semiconducting properties with a relatively high electrical conductivity (sigma(RT)similar to10-150 S/cm, E-a=78 meV) and its thermopower (S(RT)similar to9 muV/K) has a temperature dependence suggesting a two band conduction mechanism.



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Materials Science; Physics; Polymer Science


Alves, H; Simao, D; Santos, IC; Lopes, EB; Novais, H; Henriques, RT; Almeida, M

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