Catalytic properties of a cobalt metal-organic framework with a zwitterionic ligand synthesized in situ


Herein we describe the high yield synthesis of a highly crystalline cobalt(II) MOF with a novel zwitterionic ligand made up of 3,3', 4,4'-BPTC and 1,4-cyclohexanediamine, obtained in situ during the hydrothermal synthesis. The compound with the molecular formula C46H38N4O14Co center dot 2H(2)O has a molecular mass of 965.7783 g mol(-1), a triclinic crystalline system (a = 5.86 angstrom, b = 9.28 angstrom, c = 19.92 angstrom, alpha = 83.93 degrees, beta = 88.01 degrees, gamma = 78.59), it is thermally stable up to 300 degrees C and presents structural stability before and after removing the solvent molecules from its pores. This novel material showed catalytic properties in an electrophilic substitution reaction of indoles and aldehydes allowing the syntheses of bis(indolyl)methanes in high yields under mild reaction conditions and can be reused at least once with the same catalytic activity.



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Grigolo, TA; de Campos, SD; Manarin, F; Botteselle, GV; Brandao, P; Amaral, AA; de Campos, EA

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The authors gratefully acknowledge financial support from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) for a fellowship (459816/2014-4 F. M.).

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