Improvement of thermoelectric properties of Ca3Co4O9 using soft chemistry synthetic methods


Two solution synthetic methods, sol–gel and a polymeric route, have been studied in order to obtain Ca3Co4O9 misfit compounds with improved thermoelectric properties, compared to the classicalsolid state reaction. A comparison among the final products obtained by these different methods has been performed using DTA, TGA, FTIR, X-ray diffraction,scanning electron microscopy, and thermoelectric characterizations. All the samples obtained by solution synthesis show a very significative reduction on the secondary phases content. As a consequence, an important decrease on the electrical resistivity values is produced, compared to the solid state prepared samples, leading to a relatively important power factor raise.


A. Sotelo, G. Constantinescu, Sh. Rasekh, M. A. Torres, J. C. Diez, M. A. Madre

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