Effect of annealing on the thermoelectric properties of directionally grown Bi2Sr2Co1.8Ox ceramics


The effect of annealing on directionally solidified Bi2Sr2Co1.8Ox ceramic rods has been studied for different times up to 1008 h. Microstructure has shown five different phases in the as-grown materials which have been reduced to two major ones after 1008 h thermal treatment, accompanied by an important grain growth. These microstructural changes are reflected on the mechanical properties which are higher than those measured in the as-grown materials in all cases. Moreover, they also produce an important decrease on the resistivity and increase of thermopower, leading to a raise on the power factor on thermally treated samples, about two times, compared to the as-grown samples.


J. C. Diez, Sh. Rasekh, G. Constantinescu, M. A. Madre, M. A. Torres, A. Sotelo

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