Energy management in the Portuguese ceramic industry: Analysis of real-world factories
authors Luís Ruivo, Michael Russo, Rúben Lourenço, Daniel Pio
nationality International
journal Energy
abstract The Portuguese ceramic industry is characterized by SME industries with high thermal energy consumption. Thus, the implementation of energy efficiency measures should include no-cost solutions, which are generally not explored in literature. This paper analyses the energy profile of different ceramic sub-sectors to identify potential improvements to meet low-cost competition in the market. Preliminary results of the statistical analysis suggest inefficient energy management, with a particular focus on natural gas consumption. The studied factories could easily improve profits and reduce energy consumption through good kiln operating practices. Optimization of kiln ceramic load (2–18 %) and efficient combustion in the gas burners (1–11 %) are examples of no-cost strategies that promote significant energy savings and carbon emissions reduction.
publisher Elsevier
year published 2021
volume 237
issue 121628
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/
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