Employing three-blade propeller lanthanide complexes as molecular luminescent thermometers: study of temperature sensing through a concerted experimental/theory approach


We report the synthesis, structures, magnetic and luminescence properties of a series of three-blade propeller homoleptic lanthanide complexes [LnL(3)](ClO4)(3)center dot H2O center dot 2MeCN (Ln = Eu (1), Tb (2), Dy (3), Er (4), Yb (5), Gd (6); L = 2,6-bis(1-methyl-imidazol-2-yl)pyridine). The Eu, Tb, and Dy analogues exhibit the characteristic lanthanide-based luminescence. Remarkably, the mixed Eu/Tb complex with a metal ratio of 1:10 can be used as a ratiometric thermometer in the solid-state between 130 and 220 K with the maximum value of S-r = 6.6% K-1 within the range of 150-170 K. Theoretical calculations allow not only modelling of the luminescence properties of pure complexes but also rationalization of the performances of the mixed Eu/Tb thermometers.



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Materials Science; Physics


Lyubov, DM; Neto, ANC; Fayoumi, A; Lyssenko, KA; Korshunov, VM; Taydakov, IV; Salles, F; Guari, Y; Larionova, J; Carlos, LD; Long, J; Trifonov, AA

our authors


The financial support of the Russian Science Foundation is highly acknowledged (Project no. 17-73-30036-Pi). The French authors thank the University of Montpellier, CNRS and PAC of ICGM. J. Long also acknowledges the support from the Institut Universitaire de France. Luminescence data were collected using the equipment of the Center for molecular composition studies of INEOS RAS. A. N. Carneiro Neto and L. D. Carlos thank the financial support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 FET Open program under grant agreement no. 801305. This work was also developed within the scope of the project CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials, UIDB/50011/2020, UIDP/50011/2020 & LA/P/0006/2020, financed by Portuguese funds through the FCT/MEC (PIDDAC).

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