Out-of-plane tilted Josephson junctions of bi-epitaxial YBa2Cu3Ox thin films on tilted-axes NdGaO3 substrates with CeO2 seeding layer


Bi-epitaxial heterostructures YBa2Cu3Ox(YBCO)/CeO2/NdGaO3 were prepared on tilted-axes NdGaO3 substrates using laser ablation technique. The heterostructures were patterned for electrical measurements using photolithography and ion-beam milling. Electrical anisotropy of the YBCO film was tested on the ion-beam etched surface. Bi-epitaxial junctions with four different orientations of the bi-epitaxial border were fabricated and studied. The measured IV curves showed flux-flow behavior with critical current density 2.5 x 10(4) A/cm(2) for the twist-type junctions and 1.5 x 10(3) A/cm(2) for [100]-tilt type junctions. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.



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Mozhaev, PB; Mozhaeva, JE; Bdikin, IK; Kotelyanskii, IM; Luzanov, VA; Zybtsev, SG; Hansen, JB; Jacobsen, CS


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