Magnetic Anomaly and Dielectric Tunability of (Sr,Mn)TiO3 Thin Films


Polycrystalline Sr0.98Mn0.02TiO3 thin films are prepared by sol-gel spin-coating method on Si/SiO2/TiO2/Pt substrates. Their dielectric permittivity, polarization, and magnetization are investigated as a function of temperature (from 10 to 300 K), electric and magnetic fields. Temperature dependences of the magnetization MZFC-FH(T), real part of the dielectric permittivity epsilon' (T), and dissipation factor tand(T) of Sr0.98Mn0.02TiO3 films show anomalies around 41-45 K, implying an interrelation between polar and magnetic order. "Butterfly"-like dc bias dependences of the real part of the dielectric permittivity epsilon' (Edc), as well as slim polarization and magnetization hysteresis loops are observed, suggesting that Sr0.98Mn0.02TiO3 thin films belong to "multiglass" systems.

subject category

Materials Science; Physics


Tkach, A; Okhay, O; Wu, AY; Vilarinho, PM; Bedanta, S; Shvartsman, VV; Borisov, P

our authors


Thanks are due to the FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) and DAAD/GRICES (Accoes Integradas Luso-Alemas) for financial support.

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